Playlist For Feb. 18, 2015: “It Came from Thunder Bay”

it came from thunder bayTonite on the Revolution Music Radio Show (Tuesday nights at midnight), we’re going back to the 90s punk scene in Thunder Bay. We’re playing the entire “It Came From Thunder Bay” compilation that was released by Meathead Records.  The show is rebroadcast this Saturday night at 1am. Thanks for listening, everyone. Make sure and check out the cilu radio fund drive website at

Revolution Radio (Loud Rock (Metal/Punk)) with Destrukto 02/18/2015 12:00AM to 01:00AM

The Dinks “Bonehead”
The Dinks “I Met Her At Driver’s Ed”
Animosity “Understood”
Peterfuzz “Forced to Listen”

Headcramp “Rawk Knocker”
GI Jill “Big Man”
GI Jill “Slipping Away”
Onus “You”
Onus “Life with Billy”

Withstand “Abstainer”
Withstand “Serve and Protect”
Withstand “Death Row Patrionism”
Withstand “Truth Is …”
Love In Venice “Airbourne Dog Fun”

LTO “Buggin Me”
LTO “Dunk Feet”
Lovers from the Moon “Lonesome”
Lovers from the Moon “Tuesday afternoon”
Headcramp “Bonus Track”

Bonus “filler” track:
Skull Fist “Get Fisted”

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