Playlist for March 18 and 22 2015: Ted Lee

This week on the show, we’re featuring music by Ted Lee. We’ll be playing a bunch of Faceless Hulk¬†songs along with¬†some music by Dirtnap, NSVM, SNHK, Treeburning and the Rightardz.



Revolution Radio (Loud Rock (Metal/Punk)) with Destrukto 03/18/2015 12:00AM to 01:00AM

Faceless Hulk “Good Luck Trying to Sleep”
Faceless Hulk “Eat Your Tail, Shit Yourself”
Faceless Hulk “Landfill Pulpit”
Faceless Hulk “Doubt Monger”

Faceless Hulk “Solid Fire”
Faceless Hulk “Lazy Larry (and his house of cards)”
Dirtnap “1994 (mix 2)”

Dirtnap “Unexplore”
Dirtnap “Tapedeck Devil”
SNHK “HR Gagger”
SNHK “Chophouse”
SNHK “Luciherb”

NSVM “Reaper W”
Treeburning “This is what happens when nothing else can”
Treeburning “Fractured Tactile”
The Reight*rdz “Lush the Mushroomshoe”
The Reight*rdz “The Duke of Puke (live at the Apollo)”

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