Playlist for Feb. 25, 2015: “Crush Your Canadian Idols”

CILU 10th Anniversary Fund Drive 2015Tonite at midnight and again this Saturday night at 1am, we’re taking a listen to a ton of really awesome Canadian music on the Revolution Music Radio Show on CILU 102.7FM. ¬†We’re playing the entire Crush Your Canadian Idols compilation that came out in 2006 on Capital Kill Record.

Don’t forget to support CILU Radio by going to and pledging your support for the station. The station is the only station in town that depends on community support by super cool people like you. Every person that donates gets their name entered into a draw for some really cool prizes and everyone who donates over $10 gets really cool perks like signed postcards, mixtape cd’s, posters, t-shirts and much more.

For $20, you can pick up the Revolution Radio 2015 Mixtape CD which includes a ton of really cool Canadian heavy metal and punk rock bands. Email me at revolution1027 (@) if you want to hook up with a copy and go to right now to pledge your support to the station and check out all the awesome perks. (Site goes live this Thursday). You can also call (807) 343-8881 to pledge your support over the phone.

Also, check out all the awesome events that CILU is holding across the city all week. Go to the facebook page for the CILU Fund Drive to find out about all these great events.

Revolution Radio (Loud Rock (Metal/Punk)) with Destrukto 02/25/2015 12:00AM to 01:00AM

System Shit “Lost Control”
Life Against Death “Sucumb to Savagery of Pillage Freedom”
Mechanical Separation “Comical tragedy”
The Vanishing Act “Alexandre Delarge”
Noisecore Freak “Stitch Collar Radio”
Sick Sad World “Blind, Deaf and Dumb”
Sarnia “Holocaust Pt 2”
The Endless Blockade “Face Your Yawn Bringer”
Iron Fist “Nosebone Braindeath”
The Donner Party “Enough, Fuck”

Kursk “Fucked From Birth”
Wadge “Seasick in Hawaii”
Putruscence “Through the Eyes of a Strangler”
Mesrine “Alain Quimper”
Bad Trippe “Pukablamo”
Poser Disposer “Asshole Magnet”
Take One For the Team “Garbage Run”
Archagathus “Sick Life”

Murder Squad TO “No Friends for Corpses”
Maniac Sumo Cunt “Random Beatings and Attempted Murder”
Cripple Crew “La Poussiere Du Cimetiere”
Noodled “Furiosity Killed the Cat”
…And The Saga Continues “This One’s For You Dickheads”
Mass Grave “Your Bullshit Exposed”
FATO “Lipsuction Fetish”
Fuck the Facts “Horizon”
Fist Fuck “Sacrifice”

Time Kills Everything “Within the Void”
Twisted System “Battle Against…”
Suckcess “Cat Grenade”
Tugnut “Ode to Pete”
Organized Chaos “Oblivion”
Snapelgrock “Pornographic Amputation”