Playlist for Feb. 28 and Mar. 3 2015: 10th Anniversary/CILU FUND DRIVE

Tonite on Revolution Radio at 1am, and again on Tuesday at midnight, I’m hosting a super special 10th anniversary show where I’m going back 10 years to when I first started as a dj on the station and I’m playing a bunch of songs that I originally aired during my first year as a dj on the Revolution Music Radio Show way back in 2005.  I’ll also be talking about the CILU fund drive every second song. So make sure and stick around, I can personally guarantee you that there is nothing else like this on the airwaves tonite. And thanks for listening, man, and thanks for supporting the station. Make sure and go right now and check out all the cool perks you can get when you donate some money to help keep us on the air. You can also call (807) 343-8881.

Revolution Radio (Loud Rock (Metal/Punk)) with Destrukto 03/01/2015 1:00AM to 02:00AM and 03/04/2015 12:00AM to 01:00AM

Zeke “Let’s Get Drugs”
Ottawa “Life Consumed”
Ken Mode “When the Car Crashes”
Bruce Banner “We Are Bruce Banner”
Romantic Gorilla “Kitty Revenge”
Capitalist Casualties “Drug Culture”
The Dinks “Bonehead”
Violent Femmes “Old Mother Reagan”
Nunfuckers “Social Butterfly”
The Third Death “Time With You”
MK Ultra “Good Cop Bad Cop”
Ween “You Fucked Up”
Get Real “You’re Dead”
Exclaim “No Skate, No Thrash”
Strychnine “Serve and Protect”
Dayglo Abortions “Bunchofuckingoofs”
Caustic Christ “Can’t Relate”
Youth Engrage “Human Selfish Consume Unproduct”
Wednesday Night Heroes “Dead End Street”
Really Red “I Was a Teenage Fuckup”
Bad Brains “Fearless Vampire Killers”
Ab Irato “Thrills and Pills”
Career Suicide “Metal Threat”
Code 13 “Two Fisted Tales”
D.O.A. “Fucked up baby”
Descendents “I Like Food”
Destroy “Burn this Racist System Down”
DS13 “Degenerated Generation”
Maximum RNR “I Hate the Cold”
Myopic World View “Reality”
NoMeansNo “Dead Souls”
Headcramp “Bike Thief”
The Lakehead Losers “Duke of Oil”
Black Flag “Spray Paint”
Crucial Unit “Living Room Mosh Pit”
Exhumed “Consumer or Consumed”
Yacopsae “Memories of Tomorrow (Suicidal Tendencies cover)”