Playlist for May 20 and May 24 2015: Comp Show

Revolution Radio (Loud Rock (Metal/Punk)) with Destrukto 05/20/2015 12:00AM to 01:00AM

God Forbid “Out To Get Me (Guns N’ Roses Cover)”
Woods of Ypres “The Northern Cold”
D.O.A. “I Am Canadian”

Prong “Beg to Differ”
Cauldron “The Striker Strikes”
Blind Guardian “Twilight of the Gods”

Electric Wizard “Priestess of Mars”
Dio “Rainbow in the Dark”

Megadeth “Holy Wars … The Punishment Due”
NoMeansNo “Falling Space Junk”
Archagathus “Hey Metallica”
Archagathus “Hernie Dans Un Voyageur Chagrinant”

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